The purpose of relativemoney or granarelativa


Fractional Reserve Banking as we know it, is the fruit of centuries of evolution. Maybe the crisis is an excellent opportunity to think about a new step in the evolution process.  Money is to the economy what blood is to our body but… blood alone is not worth much.

We borrow our growth out of thin air and also pay taxes which… end up paying interests on our ever growing national debt ! What a waste… what a devil’s loop.

I believe in true capitalism (maybe a bit different than what we have now…),

I believe that politician and public servants are here to serve and do their best,

I believe in sovereign democracy like the Swiss model,

I believe that government and public administration need to be contained to a limited size in relation to GDP,

I believe than we can teach people how to make a living instead of giving them a living,

I believe that we can exercise our humanity by supporting and protecting the weakest helping them express , create and contribute like any body else,

I believe that you can create a harmonious balance between individualism and collectivism thinking

I believe that you can create a monetary and political system which serves better a nation and its people comparing to what we have now.

I believe than you can contribute to this cause by all means like questioning your politicians, your medias, spreading the word around, debating with friends etc….


3 thoughts on “The purpose of relativemoney or granarelativa

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