sit back and watch instead or chasing news and getting blind

In normal time… ( I mean when credit expansion is on a long growing trend) the big picture is maybe less important  but in ab normal time like we live….. the big picture is certainly what will drive the final outcome.

In a world where citizen right are getting more and more supressed like through  the “imperial”  Espionage Act, the NDAA the Patriot Act, the financial repression regime etc… all this to protect the banksters regime where money is debt , history might be a good guide to what could happen. I shall not be surprised ,that by before the end of this crisis, we shall see a a few banksters and politiciens corpses balancing in the wind of the streets of lower Manhattan.

In the meantime, I can only recommend again a few documentaries to better serve your interests since…. the actual regime is not working for you, honest citizens, as it should be


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