A few braves elite in this world you should keep track and support

tbhis video about Jeffrey Sachs from Columbia university is a good resume about the corruption level actively managed by W.DC, the banksters and the FED. I always say and repeat that before the end of this crisis and instead of seeing desperate individuals comitting suicide on public place, we gonna see a few of the above hanged in public places. People realize that they are not served by the system but servant to the system and … the sky is not limit

among the braves… Mrs. Elizabeth Warren, Senator, who wrote this wonderful letter ( a must read !)
to Bernanke, Eric Holder and Mary Jo White which follows the line of Jeffrey.
We have a financial elite class who breaks the law, accumulated huge personal profit and want to scare us that if they break down… this is the end of the world and they gonna keep on top of it !
It seems that the them of the great market rotation… does not apply to these guys and my guess is…. they are wrong and be caught wrong footed one day


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