your freedom is a lie

Edward Snowden,  who knew about him?  lets acknowledge that this guy has some guts to walk off from a comfortable life and try to change things.

First, I recommend you to  watch his interview

what is news is that someone from inside has decided to speak out , however… we all had already deep suspicions about the fact the US GVT allowed to collect data in such a way.

For them… everyone is potentially a suspect and they shall be able to verify that quickly. It does not matter if they screw up with the life of innocent people who… because of their critics to the US governement or whatever…  since you are being targeted as potentially dangerous for whatever you say, write and pretty soon think.

it looks like more and more that we are running on a narrow line between  “democracy” and fascism but… if they say that is it for our own good and believe them… we shall accept the consequences until…. we stop to trust and believe in the people who have been put in place…. to “serve”

Edward Snowden deserves our support and gratitude, spread the word around, ask for accountability from your politicians , ask questions.. espcially why… so few crooks banksters from wall street have been put to jail so far (they have the info !!)




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