efficient or broken market?

High frequency trading defensors (HFT)argue that they are fundamental for the good functionning of the markets.  The evidences  (mostly ignored by the regulators…) show that HFT have been ,very good at scalping revenues off the trades from “regular” trading activites, creating instability and flash crash, manipulating prices on individual stocks and … recently..  shutting down a whole exchange (Nasdaq). We are at war here. A war fought by the machine which are testing every day the limits of the system regardless if the system can handle it.   I would not be surprised to see a  disorganized market shuttdown the day stress and panic will take over. All indices points out in that direction and probably will provide more fuel to a panic mode.  I think that at the end this will be good since it will force our blind and “corrupted” authorities and regulators to take finally action. Trading has nothing to do today with investing but only with allowing big players to “tax” with their fees the huge financial bubble we are living in.  

Do not forget, the market is stronger than you think. Rogue waves in the middle of the ocean are more frequent than you think as an analogy to what you can expect.

Good luck 

for more reading: i recommend this article http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-08-27/quote-blasts-killed-nasdark-caught-tape   among many other


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