select where and with whom you wanna bank

In the shadows of the financial world, it has become very hard for investors to measure risk.  Just keep in mind the following !!  the Cyprus bailout model has been the blueprint for you to pay the bill in case.

EU makes major changes to rules on state aid to banks 

EU Seals Deal to Protect Taxpayers from Bank Bailouts:

several approaches are possible

1)do not leave deposits of more than 100k EUR in any institution

2)select institutions with strong balance sheets and low credit risk for  your deposits:  as far as I feel comfortable, i would select private banks which usually concentrate their activities on wealth management/ asset management and not credit activities. In Switzerland you have a few ones, in the rest of europe you still have also a few.

The matter here is not to cheat on taxesby  transferring your asset offshore but protect yourself from potential abusive governements policies


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