Profit at all costs for what, change is possible and you can contribute easily.

If the good side of the holocaust along with the systemic extermination of other minorities has been to bring some kind of consciousness regarding human madness and cruelty, we shall extend this level of consciousness to other activities we do.
The big issue here is that, as a consummer, you want the most for your buck and profits are being squeezed out of immoral and cruel behavior. Bringing food quality and price to the masses does not necessarily means that we can’t do better regarding farming and grower’s condition because on the other side of the equation we have so much food and crop waste along with bad calories consumption leaving too many of us overweight with potential bad health condition.
You can contribute easily by increasing your consumption of food products with clear and controlled origin which correspond to strict standard. Doing so… you will join a growing trend of conscious and happy consummers. Such small and consistent behaviour change will probably “squeeze” one day, some kind of “responsible consciousness” awakening from several supermarket board members. The quest for profit and price, turning a blind eye on the “concentration camp” style conditions of the suppliers, is our problem too so…. contribute to the change… slowly and surely !
here are a few links and addresses:
First steps as example:

Second step for your contribution:



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