100 years and counting… for how long?

from Zerohedge and many others who are trying to teach us a bit about the flaws of our current monetary system. For the new readers….  money to me is to the economy what blood is to our body. The only difference is that we do not inflate as  money so… since money is the fruit, as we know it, of an evolutionary process thousands of year old….. we might witness in our lifetime some profound changes. Are virtual currencies like Bitcoins the answers? I am not to sure about that but I can sense that a growing number of people have lost trust in governments and many of their institutions…. including the all mighty and powerful Central Banks like the FED. How will this end? Hard to say but if we compare our current monetary regime to a dictatorship regime…. we all know that such regime have their time counted since they do not serve the interest of the majority but of the few who control it.

For those who still are unfamiliar with the origins of the Federal Reserve, below is the first chapter of the Secrets of the Federal Reserve:the first secret meeting at Jekyll Island.



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