The new way to bailout banks or the Italian recipe

Setting the value by decree is part of the central banking planning  and   it just happend in Italy by changing the “market value” of the BOI and changing the ownership rules.  But the interesting part is what could come afterwards…..  The resulting improved capital ratio of the banks will provide enough fuel for them […]

Bundesbank say that gvt should draw on the wealth of their citizens before asking for help.!!!

well, we’ve had a few examples the last few years about how governements are soo good at  doing anything they can to remain in power. anyway, I wrote a bit in different posts as this one   Reuters report that Germany’s Bundesbank said on Monday that countries about to go bankrupt should draw on the private […]

Will Janet Yellen become the mother of all Bubble?

to talk about bubble seems to be in fashion presently but…. should we really care to know if we are or not in a bubble since we live in an “Uber Financial “world where asset price inflation has been (and some still believe in this mantra) the main engine of the mother of all bubble… […]

it takes time but is this the road map of the end of an era?

As reported by Bloomberg the initial roadmap for the litigation burden that banks are facing. It is said that white collar crime in Wall-Sreet and among the banksters’s community has been a highly lucrative business. Apparently… a ratio of 5 to 1.  Maybe…. things are a going to start to change when examining at the […]