The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

have you ever heard of  ISDAfix? Well, once again Matt Taibbi, from the Rolling Stone Magazine, in his wonderful ongoing investigative work, provides us with what could be the biggest scandal ever. However.. ISDAfix  is known and understood by very few of us and … this may have been the reason why… it took so […]

Bepe Grillo or the nightmare of Central Bankers?

I came across this video of Bepe Grillo (1998 !). Quite an impressive public already at the time and also some eductional insights to his voters about the good , the bad and the EVIL of Central Banking. I looked at that as one more seed for changes in a system which is holding us […]

EU: The corruption against democracy

Bloomberg reports: ECB Wins Ruling to Deny Access to Secret Greek Swap Files We can only remember that about the same happen (thanks to Bloomberg) with the FED. Anyway, for the record…. the  GS  fingers prints are present in this kind of outcome since they know better… what is good for the people to […]

FHA and the housing recovery

the fact don’t lie like… most of the mainstream media, DC and the Recovery Marketing Campaign HQ would like us to believe. The WSJ journal is reporting among others that…. FHA is out of funds ! Since we are being induced to always look at the tip of the iceberg…. beware of the iceberg. […]

sit back and watch instead or chasing news and getting blind

In normal time… ( I mean when credit expansion is on a long growing trend) the big picture is maybe less important  but in ab normal time like we live….. the big picture is certainly what will drive the final outcome. In a world where citizen right are getting more and more supressed like through […]

Monetary transmission mechanism , wealth and income

As  the chairman of financial asset price control, intials BB, has stated. When financial asset price are up, people will feel wealthier , better and will draw on their credit lines to buy the latest Iphone  to feel even better and share their thoughts on FB…. the bloomberg headline ” Top 1% Got 93% of […]