select where and with whom you wanna bank

In the shadows of the financial world, it has become very hard for investors to measure risk.  Just keep in mind the following !!  the Cyprus bailout model has been the blueprint for you to pay the bill in case. EU makes major changes to rules on state aid to banks  EU Seals Deal […]

Monetary transmission mechanism , wealth and income

As  the chairman of financial asset price control, intials BB, has stated. When financial asset price are up, people will feel wealthier , better and will draw on their credit lines to buy the latest Iphone  to feel even better and share their thoughts on FB…. the bloomberg headline ” Top 1% Got 93% of […]

Alice in spanish land…

comme nous sommes toujours bombardé d’infos et que nos amis les HFT robots “lisent et interprètent” ces dernières  bien plus vite que nous… la grande majorité des  comuns mortels comme vous et moi se concentre sur les headlines (titres).  La parution des estimations du bailout des banques espagnole… comme “par hazard” était même meilleure que […]