Will Janet Yellen become the mother of all Bubble?

to talk about bubble seems to be in fashion presently but…. should we really care to know if we are or not in a bubble since we live in an “Uber Financial “world where asset price inflation has been (and some still believe in this mantra) the main engine of the mother of all bubble… […]

Shadow banking and collateral

to follow up  on  Shadow Banking and the unintended consequences of QE and other central bank policies The recent decision of the FED about their reverse repo facility programm, it is true that this might have some impacts on rates  http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/08/21/us-usa-fed-minutes-repo-idUSBRE97K0ZN20130821 However…. my guess here is that the FED is more worried about putting good quality […]

Ray Dalio and How The Economic Machines Works

http://www.economicprinciples.org/ well, spare a little bit of your time (30 minutes) to watch Ray`s video. Always refreshing and instructive. I wish he could have extended his thoughts on currencies and long term interest rates but…. he is right in saying that “how the economic machine works”is a pretty simple process.

Regime change for the Gold and precious metal market?

I think that we are finally witnessing a long tem change in the precious metal market. Back in the 70’s, the physical gold price was the determinant factor and then the gold securitization process (paper gold) took over and dictated price with whatever price manipulation conspiration you can/might believe in.   Many articles have been […]