The new way to bailout banks or the Italian recipe

Setting the value by decree is part of the central banking planning  and   it just happend in Italy by changing the “market value” of the BOI and changing the ownership rules.  But the interesting part is what could come afterwards…..  The resulting improved capital ratio of the banks will provide enough fuel for them […]

Join the move…..Knowing the truth about money is not that difficult

more and more have become interested in understanding the nature of money and more and more a realizing that money, as we know it, is just the fruit of an evolutionary process through history. My bet is that this evolutionary process is still ongoing and that the current crisis is the catalyst for deep change. […]

select where and with whom you wanna bank

In the shadows of the financial world, it has become very hard for investors to measure risk.  Just keep in mind the following !!  the Cyprus bailout model has been the blueprint for you to pay the bill in case. EU makes major changes to rules on state aid to banks  EU Seals Deal […]

EU: The corruption against democracy

Bloomberg reports: ECB Wins Ruling to Deny Access to Secret Greek Swap Files We can only remember that about the same happen (thanks to Bloomberg) with the FED. Anyway, for the record…. the  GS  fingers prints are present in this kind of outcome since they know better… what is good for the people to […]