HFT The Rise and fall of the machine?

Evidences are coming forwards more and more about how rigged and or manipulated the market has become. The interesting side is that free enterprise and smart brain power have been able to push the rise of the machine to such a level that the new resulting “ecosystem” has been somwhow facing its own limits. Can […]

Nanex CEO Eric Hunsader: Flash Trading Detective Work

http://fora.tv/2013/05/07/Nanex_CEO_Eric_Hunsader_Flash_Trading_Detective_Work Guys like Eric with his company Nanex deserve the full credit to have their work exposed and….not anymore ignored by the banksters regulators mafia who do not see anything worng below a second time frame. The quote volume has exploded, the value traded… not really and the intraday price and volume volatiliy had increased […]