The coming wealth tax a recurrent theme with the IMF flavour

September 2011 the BCG or the Boston Consulting Group came up with an interesting paper called  “Back to Mesopotamia” suggesting that governement should study a global “Wealth Tax” in order to get off the hook of the cripppling debt overhang. See the following link : Icecap Management brings us a good overview about the “progress” […]

Join the move…..Knowing the truth about money is not that difficult

more and more have become interested in understanding the nature of money and more and more a realizing that money, as we know it, is just the fruit of an evolutionary process through history. My bet is that this evolutionary process is still ongoing and that the current crisis is the catalyst for deep change. […]

Shadow Banking and the unintended consequences of QE and other central bank policies

First of all, let’s try to understand a bit more what is Shadow Banking: Definition of ‘Shadow Banking System’ The financial intermediaries involved in facilitating the creation of credit across the global financial system, but whose members are not subject to regulatory oversight. The shadow banking system also refers to unregulated activities by regulated […]

Ray Dalio and How The Economic Machines Works well, spare a little bit of your time (30 minutes) to watch Ray`s video. Always refreshing and instructive. I wish he could have extended his thoughts on currencies and long term interest rates but…. he is right in saying that “how the economic machine works”is a pretty simple process.

Regime change for the Gold and precious metal market?

I think that we are finally witnessing a long tem change in the precious metal market. Back in the 70’s, the physical gold price was the determinant factor and then the gold securitization process (paper gold) took over and dictated price with whatever price manipulation conspiration you can/might believe in.   Many articles have been […]

The purpose of relativemoney or granarelativa

WE CAN LIVE IN A WORLD WITH A DIFFERENT SET OF RULES ABOUT MONEY. Fractional Reserve Banking as we know it, is the fruit of centuries of evolution. Maybe the crisis is an excellent opportunity to think about a new step in the evolution process.  Money is to the economy what blood is to our […]