What is reallyI insider Trading ?

SAC capital has been caught and marketwatch interpretation is that the gvt is in position to flex its muscle !  http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2013/11/04/sac-capital-settlement-means-government-to-flex-its-muscle-to-the-maximum-degree-lawyers-say/ I think that we are talking about an iceberg here and insider trading has always been present in the market place but… probably never to the extent it is today.  But what is really […]

efficient or broken market?

High frequency trading defensors (HFT)argue that they are fundamental for the good functionning of the markets.  The evidences  (mostly ignored by the regulators…) show that HFT have been ,very good at scalping revenues off the trades from “regular” trading activites, creating instability and flash crash, manipulating prices on individual stocks and … recently..  shutting down […]

Nanex CEO Eric Hunsader: Flash Trading Detective Work

http://fora.tv/2013/05/07/Nanex_CEO_Eric_Hunsader_Flash_Trading_Detective_Work Guys like Eric with his company Nanex deserve the full credit to have their work exposed and….not anymore ignored by the banksters regulators mafia who do not see anything worng below a second time frame. The quote volume has exploded, the value traded… not really and the intraday price and volume volatiliy had increased […]